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We’ve got an amazing announcement to make. We’re launching a new Creator Quest for the Sneaker Season!!!

And this time prizes are better than ever. Let’s just say we a lot of prizes to give away during 2022!

MUSURE world ⛩️ is the NFT party&earn world, helping Creators and Gamers create immersive & collectible experiences through NFT Fashion Parties and NFT eSports, in the Metaverse. 🌐

What is Creator Quest 🤔?

In MUSURE world, our community comes first. We know the passion and talent you all have, that’s why one of our goals is to generate opportunities for us to all create together.

Creator Quest is a creative contest for you to design and have fun with MUSURE world’s tools while competing for incredible prizes.

For the Sneaker Season, we invite you to use our NFT Creators Toolkit in our website and create all the Sneakers you want. You can make more than one and don’t need any previous design experience 😉

✨ Previous Creator Quest’s Winners:

📅 Dates

Kick-Off: May 30th

Deadline: June 13th

Duration: Two weeks

🏆 Prizes:

  • 1rst Place: We’ll buy or Creation for 100 USDC
  • 2nd Place: We’ll buy or Creation for 30 USDC
  • 3rd Place: We’ll buy or Creation for 10 USDC

💸💸💸 If you win the 🎨 Creator Quest, we’ll buy your NFT Creation, adding it to the MUSURE world’s Collection. Also, it will be auctioned at OpenSea, so if anyone wants to buy it for a bigger price, you’ll earn even more.

First Place:

  • ✅ Converting your Creation to Pro+, minting your NFT for FREE!
  • Posts with your winning Sneakers, tagging you in our socials.
  • You’ll get a Cinematic Video with your Sneakers
  • Sneak Peeks of your Sneakers, to generate intrigue.
  • Your Sneakers rendered in Augmented Reality! 🤯
  • If you win this Challenge 3 times, there will be a special prize! 👀

Second Prize:

  • Posts with your winning Sneakers on our socials, tagging you.
  • Your Sneakers rendered in Augmented Reality! 🤯
  • If you win this Challenge 3 times, there will be a special prize! 😍

✋ How to participate?

Joining is super easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start up the Toolkit to create your Sneakers.
  2. Write down your Discord ID (Example: tano#3609), Instagram @ and your email in the Sneaker’s story.
  3. Share the link of your Sneakers on our Discord, in the 👟》sneakers-quest channel, along with a screenshot of it.

You’ll have more chances to win if you:

Post a screenshot or a video using your Sneakers with Augmented Reality to Instagram Stories tagging @musureworld

And that’s it!🎉

Important Information 👀

The most original Sneakers will win! Selection will be done by the MUSURE world Team. Winners will receive access to the private Discord channel for prizes to receive them, we won’t send you a direct message.

If you have any doubts on how to use the NFT Creator Toolkit don’t hesitate to contact us via our Discord server or other socials for any further assistance.

That ‘s all. At MUSURE world we’re very excited to see all the amazing designs you’ll bring to the table. Now it’s time to Create!

See you soon!

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