GTA V’s Roleplay community is a taste of what living in the Metaverse could be like

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5 min readJul 25, 2022


As news of our new GTA V roleplaying server are coming out, we know the question on some of your minds will be: What’s all this about? A lot of members of our community are already excited to jump in, but that doesn’t mean everyone is up-to-date with GTA V and its roleplaying.

So today we wanted to talk a bit in depth about how the roleplay community formed and why it has taken the GTA V servers by storm.

The beginnings

Roleplay is simple: a player acting out the role of a character in a fictional setting and within a narrative, either through literal acting or through a process of structured decision-making regarding character development.

Roleplaying actually has its origins outside the videogame sphere. Tabletop games in the 70s, inspired by the mechanics of old war games, started to incorporate character creation and fantasy elements to combine acting with mechanics in iconic games like Dungeons and Dragons.

These games were the precursors of the first RPGs, videogames in their own right that included similar character creation and customization mechanics, and incorporated that playable character in the story, usually one that involved decision-making. This led to the creation of iconic single-player series like Deus Ex, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, and more.

But, how does this all translate to online communities and experiences like GTA V?

Playing the role

As great as RPG single-player videogames are, they miss out on something that defined the tabletop genre: the community and collective world-building. That’s where online games like GTA V can come in and use their massive servers to bring the experience to the next level.

Now, the first thing that’ll come to your mind when you think of GTA is probably a lot of crime, violence and car-crashing. That’s certainly the name the series has made for itself since its inception in 1997, but the RP community has turned it into something different.

Los Santos is by definition a huge sandbox where players can do pretty much anything, that’s why it may come as a surprise to know that the point of most roleplay servers in GTA V encourage you to just play as a regular citizen.

Sounds dull? Well your ‘regular citizen’ character doesn’t need to be boring, they could be a corrupt cop, a greedy businessman, an egomaniacal celebrity, a member of a gang, anything goes as long as you commit to the bit. And when you realize you’re in a huge server filled with people committing to their own bit in real time, things start to get fun.

Running through the city you can create businesses, form alliances, go to parties, make art, stop crime or make it happen, be the hero or the villain of your own story. The city of Los Santos is your stage, the point is making sure you give your best performance.

This could go beyond GTA V though. This kind of roleplay experience is just a taste of what could be achieved in the Metaverse, building a character from scratch and taking them from world to world, following their own personal quests and storylines in interaction with hundreds of others. In many ways, the GTA V roleplay community shows the potential we already have to take things further.

How do I get started?

First of all we need to talk about some basic programs you’ll need, besides owning the game of course. FiveM, Steam and Discord.

Discord is simple, many roleplay servers organize and communicate via voice calls or chats in Discord, which is where the community at large gathers and manages interactions.

Steam is necessary even if you don’t own the game through their store, as FiveM, the most crucial of these apps, runs its client via Steam. So make sure to have your Steam account open when you’re playing the game.

Finally, FiveM is a free client used to connect to the modded GTA Online roleplay servers. There are other options, but FiveM is by far the most popular one. When you open it, the main tab will ask you to enter via your SocialClub account (the same one used to play in regular GTA V Online), and from there you’ll be able to search in a list all the public roleplay servers for the game.

An important thing to keep in mind is that not all servers are open to the public. There are private ones, of course, but some are also tagged as “whitelist”, which means if you want to enter you’ll have to fill a form and wait for it to be approved by an admin.

It’s also important to note that this community takes roleplay very seriously, setting rules for behavior that can get you banned if you don’t follow them. So make sure to pay attention!

A community for Creators

As a space for Creators GTA V roleplay servers have become wildly popular. The GTA V category has been in the top 10 most streamed games in Twitch for a while now, and most of the content made under this tag is within roleplay servers.

Streamers of all kinds have fallen in love with these environments, keeping the community alive and growing to this day. There’s certainly a special feeling to creating narratives with other people and building such an amazing experience together.

Huge names in the Twitch sphere have made content in some of these servers, like XqC, Pokimane, Markiplier or even popular Spanish streamer Ibai. The potential for content is there, and the community is eager to show it off in their acting skills.

So, now that you’re up to speed, what are you waiting to join MUSURE world’s GTA V roleplay server? We’re waiting for you!

See you soon!

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