MUSURE story time: How our NFT Digital Fashion Toolkit came to be

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From MUSURE world we’ve dedicated ourselves to explore the infinite possibilities the metaverse has to offer, and one of the main projects we’ve been working on in these last few months has been our NFT Creators Toolkit for designing Digital Fashion.

But, why focus on Digital Fashion? Why put so much effort towards the Toolkit? If we wanted to know more, we knew we had to go straight to the brains of the operation: our CEO Tan Bevacqua.

Digital Fashion

Like all stories, there is always a beginning, and in this case it was videogames. Whether you’re playing Fortnite, League of Legends or Valorant, Hotel Hub or Club Penguin, customization was key. Styling your character with hairstyles, make up, clothes and accessories were the earliest incarnations of Digital Fashion. And Tano was a big fan.

“I realized that I loved creating characters in these games, playing with my Avatar’s customization and showing off my look online”

At that time, MUSURE world didn’t exist yet. It wouldn’t be until 2020 (two years after the creation of the original MUSURE), that Tano together with the team would notice the potential of Digital Fashion when combined with the NFT world.

“Creators needed new ways to live off their work. NFTs as contracts are proof that this can be achieved, and thanks to the technology, NFT Digital fashion garments become unique and more valuable. The potential in Digital Fashion made by your favorite Creators is its digital scarcity. This was really attractive for Creators and Gamers alike”

This breakthrough for us made the next steps quite clear: we needed to create a system that can both empower the Creator and the Gamer in MUSURE world. Be it clothing, cars, pets or whatever else comes up, all these elements of Avatar customization have unlimited potential.

“MUSURE world’s ecosystem is centered around the designs made by the Creators, and how Gamers need those designs in order to dress, play and compete”

There will definitely be a huge influx of Digital Fashion in the next few years, as one of its main qualities is its sustainability. And because our reach within the metaverse and our socials are infinitely bigger than in our day to day, this is a recipe for success.

“I could reach ten thousand people a year in the physical world, but in the metaverse I have the potential to reach millions, and that is why Digital Fashion will be one of the big players in the future of clothing.”

And it doesn’t stop here, one of the keys for the future for Digital Fashion is Augmented Reality. We already have the base technology for incorporating the digital into the physical, and it will only get better from here. Nowadays, there are plenty of 3D virtual worlds and apps, all we need is to incorporate Digital Fashion NFTs into the mix, and things start to get interesting.

NFT Creators Toolkit

After several attempts at creating unique experiences that served both Creators and Gamers alike, like tournament games or immersive games, we realized we needed something to offer regarding content creation before incorporating everything inside our digital ecosystem.

There was no point in making a full-fledged game if no one was going to play it. At the end of the day, empowering Creators and Gamers was still our main goal. That’s when the idea for a Toolkit was born, to develop MUSURE world along with our Creators.

“At the time, all we knew was that we had to fulfill this mission. Imagine being able to customize any videogame skin or accessory in a question of minutes, well ‘the digital is infinite’ I said, we started brainstorming and experimenting until the Toolkit was born.”

Since its conception, the NFT Creators Toolkit was a hit, with already an amazing Sneaker template to customize as desired in just 3 minutes, and with more designs yet to come. But there’s still a big hurdle to overcome: interoperability, or in easier words, making the design useful in more than one metaverse world.

“Games and worlds of the metaverse are separated from one another, and even if there are some examples of interoperability achieved, we’re still far from the final goal”

Still the Toolkit allows the gamification of creating 3D designs, creating a piece is simple, fast, and you can start using it immediately after. So it doesn’t matter if you are a content Creator, musician, influencer, streamer, gamer or a fan:

“Everyone is a Creator. Everything is a game”

So with new design templates coming, and amazing interoperability options in all kinds of worlds on the works (including our own), you should follow us closely because MUSURE world is coming, the next metaverse generation is here, join the revolution.

See you next time!

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