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MUSURE world Awarded Grant from Polygon Blockchain DAO

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We are very happy to announce that MUSURE world was awarded by Polygon Blockchain this month.

What about this award winning?

“Polygon Village” is a ecosystem for developers to build and grow their projects. Whether you are building for DeFi or NFTs, DAO, tools or anything else, any project can apply. The grants line is aimed at onboarding the next 1,000 projects to Polygon and is partnering with some of the best Web3 service providers across domains, hosting, infra support, audit service, listing, liquidity support, marketing, legal and much more.

Since 2021 when we became MUSURE world and started this incredible journey of creating our virtual world, we have dedicated ourselves to developing an interoperable platform for collectibles, where we help creators and brands to be able to use and play with their creations throughout the Metaverse. Making all this possible thanks to our Creator Toolkit: our tool for creators, gamers, artists, musicians, streamers, brands and influencers. With this Creator Toolkit you’ll be able to easily design, remix and produce your own Digital Merchandise NFT brand to share with everyone in your community. For developing and executing this idea, and for continue working with them to this day, we were recognized and awarded by Polygon.

MUSUREGHINI SuperCar, collectible piece for Polygon.

Another win for MUSURE world

Polygon is one of the largest blockchains in the world, so thanks to this award, our confidence as a start-up has increased, knowing MUSURE world has their support and that they will stay on our side as our possibilities keep expanding, leaving us more motivated than ever to create the next generation of social networks: the Metaverse.

We believe that the problems that affect Creators today on the Internet have a solution. That’s why at MUSURE world we are creating that world now, one step at a time. Web3 deserves Creators who believe in the future we are creating. Keep believing.

See you soon!

MUSURE world

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