MUSURE world is coming to expand the boundaries of what we believed was everything. You will be able to explore, share, have fun, learn, grow and even help those who need it or feel they deserve it. You will be able to customize your own Avatar and also some places and points of MUSURE world throughout the days. Races, roads with obstacles, fights, different missions that you can do while your time is rewarding.

And most importantly, we will implement a PARTYS system so that the links and ways to grow are in community and in company! And of course, Creators will be able to customize their Partys to differentiate themselves from the rest within MUSURE world.

We believe that giving opportunities is synonymous with creating new paths and stories, and we invite those who want to participate in an exciting new experience in the metaverse of the NFT GAMES.

What is a metaverse? It is a place where one has a digital identity, a digital community and where one works. MUSURE world is a metaverse.

Now what is NFT GAME? GAME means Game in English, but… NFT? They are the acronym for “Non Fungible Token”

If you have played a game like Fornite, Cs-Go, LoL, Brawl Stars, Rocket League, you will know that once your skins or items are obtained, you cannot exchange them, or give them away, or sell them, they are not your property (and even in some games you will see your account banned for trading your own skins).

The NFTs, come to change this, in MUSURE world your Skins, your Characters, your Items, are NFT’s. A property completely yours with which you can do whatever you want, such as keeping it, displaying it, exchanging it for another or negotiating. Broadly speaking, we could say that they are unique, virtual works of art with a value and a person who owns it. We will already inform you more about the NFTS and the networks where they work, the Blockchains.

We have spent the last few months studying this emerging new world, its problems, its strengths, what people want and what they say. Through interviews, meetings, video calls with people from different parts of the world, we gather information to know in advance what things we can know will work, what problems there may be, what actions and paths to take or which ones will not. That is why we are ready to accompany you on this new path in which you will learn and have fun while you are part of a metaverse in which there are endless new possibilities.

Now, our website “" is officially online so that people can apply to enter the list to buy their Origin Egg NFT and thus get some of the Avatars that we will have within MUSURE world. In our social networks such as Instagram, Discord, Telegram, Twitter you can see our latest news and updates on the project.

The future is now. Join us to create it.

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MUSURE world ⛩️

MUSURE world ⛩️

​ MUSURE world ⛩️ is the NFT party&earn world, helping Creators and Gamers create immersive & collectible experiences through NFT Digital Fashion,