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3 min readJul 25, 2022


It’s been a big couple of weeks for Web3. NFT, crypto and blockchain tech keep evolving and now the world has its eyes on them. Nowhere was this more clear than in NFT.NYC 2022, the amazing event that took place this June.

This was the event’s fourth year, having started as the biggest NFT conference in the world in 2019 and keeping that title to this day. For three days the event showcased several projects, companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs who were looking to share their amazing work and everything they were hoping to achieve.

This year we had the incredible opportunity to join the fans along with our CEO and the rest of the MUSURE world team, so we want to take this chance to share some of our NFT. NYC highlights with you.

An event like no other

2022’s event came back stronger than ever, standing once again as a beacon for the NFT community and industry. This year it was held at Palladium Times Square, 1515 Broadway, on June 21–23.

Among the main participants and speakers were 0age, Head of Protocol at the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea, co-founder of Rarible marketplace Alexander Salnikov, Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik, product designer at Coinbase NFT Alexander Mayes, Amy Wu of FTX Ventures, and more.

But this wasn’t just a big step for NFT enthusiasts, the event drew in the attention of hundreds of people, companies and investors who wanted to see what kind of future this industry holds.

Around New York more than 200 satellite events took place throughout the week, creating an amazing network of shows, conferences, art displays and much more. The impact NFTs and these kinds of events have had on the world is clear, and of course, MUSURE world wasn’t about to miss out on it.

New frontiers for MUSURE world

In June, Tano, our CEO, flew to New York all the way from Argentina to participate in the NFT.NYC and meet members of the community from all over the world.

Apart from seeing the sights and joining in on some amazing events around the city, Tano also had the opportunity to see firsthand the appearance of MUSURE world on a Times Square screen. It was an incredible moment!

The billboard was made in collaboration with Mexican artist Martha Saenz who will be working with us on an immersive augmented reality video of her own painting. There’s much more coming soon with her too, including 3D Metaverse Sneakers, videogames and more, so stay tuned.

Time to party!

Along with panels and expositions, many stars came out to perform at NFT NYC this year. The city was filled with shows, music and dance concerts and unique parties throughout several different events.

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s held the amazing Ape Fest which was headlined by Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Future and Lil Baby among others.

Other amazing performances included Tame Impala for Moonbids, The Chainsmokers and Pharrell joining in for Doodles, Nas and Wu Tang Clan with Artie and Madonna World of Women.

The whole city was up all week, going from show to show, all moved by the power of NFTs and the wonderful creative drive behind them.

A lot of things happened these past few weeks, we still can’t get over the excitement of it all! Make sure to stay tuned to see the story of our trip to NFT.NYC told in detail by our very own CEO.

Until next time!

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