Storytime: Tano’s NFT.NYC trip and MUSURE world in Times Square

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5 min readJul 18, 2022


You’ve probably heard about NFT.NYC, the biggest NFT event in the world that took place over a couple of weeks in June. What you may not know is that MUSURE world took part in the event.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we couldn’t miss out on. Our very own CEO, Tano, flew all the way from Argentina to attend shows and meetings, get to know the community and witness the appearance of MUSURE world in Times Square.

It was all so exciting, and we couldn’t wait to know all the juicy details, so we reached out to Tano as soon as he landed back home to talk about his experience and his thoughts on the future of the industry.

Going to New York

It all started back in May, we knew the NFT.NYC was coming up, it was going to be huge, and we needed to be there. But with little time to plan it out, we weren’t sure if we were going to make it. That was until we got in contact with a Latin American group in the NFT community, who were organizing a trip to the event. Thanks to them, we managed to secure a ticket for Tano and sent him to the other side of the world for the show of a lifetime.

It was great! “The event was cool mainly because of the amount of people that were present and how many were dedicated to build and create amazing things with the web3 and NFTs” But the NFT.NYC con wasn’t the only thing happening in the city that week, and Tano was going to make the most of his time there.

Another big event taking place in New York was the Bored Ape Yacht Club party “They were the two biggest events I attended during the trip, the ones that got the most hype, but they were nothing alike. The NFT.NYC was a mix of speakers, panels, conferences, etc., while the Bored Ape event was more of a party.”

But for Tano the best part of the experience were all the side events and social meetings that took place around the big conference, creating the perfect opportunity to meet the international NFT community. “Every person trying to build something in the Web3 was here, it was like the Football World Cup for NFTs”

We had the chance to meet people from Dubai, Europe, Latin America and more. Creating connections is an essential part of MUSURE world’s philosophy. “When you get to a point where what you’ve made is already good, the key becomes being able to show it to other people. For us coming here was also an investment, the results of our efforts can multiply exponentially, all thanks to just connecting with other people’’

The impact of MUSURE world

For MUSURE world this wasn’t just a fun, leisure trip, we achieved things we didn’t even think were possible: a unique chance to be featured in one of the Time Square billboards. This wasn’t something we had planned on at all, so how did we end up in a huge screen in the middle of the most known area of New York?

When Tano arrived at the event, one of the first persons he met was the Mexican surrealist painter Martha Sáenz. One of her works was going to be showcased in one of the Time Square’s billboards as part of an NFT.NYC campaign, but she felt like there was still something missing in her work that would make it pop on a giant screen. Tano didn’t hesitate to offer his help.

We only had one day to help Martha give her video an extra touch. First, we made some small animations to better adapt the work to the big billboard screen, then we took it even further. We created a custom augmented reality version that completely changed the experience of the painting, giving her unique piece of art a life of its own.

When it was all done, Martha asked Tano what he wanted as payment, but he shrugged that off and said he was happy with it just being a collab, so on the day of the billboards display the MUSURE world logo was put right along Martha’s art. It was a beautiful experience for everyone involved and one of the most influential milestones we have achieved since we started.

Takeaways from the experience

Tano came back with a lot of thoughts, both on the NFT.NYC and the industry as a whole.

Although he enjoyed his time at the convention a lot, he decided that next time he’d rather spend more time at the side events, where he felt like he truly connected with other people. [At the side events] we were a real network. I think the problem with NFT.NYC was that it didn’t really divide the conferences by industry or subgroups. In MUSURE world we have gaming, metaverse, NFT, Creators Economy and some people there were just not interested in those things”

Talking with other creators and members of the community gave Tano a clear idea of what lies in the future of the internet and its industries. “I realized there’s a lot we need to be pushing forward on web 2.5. It’s not moving back, it’s taking the best parts of web 2 and 3 and combining them. If the goal is to onboard people towards web 3 we need to make it friendly towards web 2 users, something that’s been an issue for everyone here who is building web 3.”

All in all, it was an amazing experience full of fun, sharing and learning. Tano and MUSURE world as a whole were deeply impacted by the trip and will carry forward all the lessons learned there, hoping to be able to repeat it soon.

Until next time!

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