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Digital Creations are booming. With all kinds of industries jumping into action, the tech’s appeal is obvious, but for 3d assets to evolve and not remain stagnant they might still need a final push.

Interoperability: the capacity to utilize your creations from one metaverse world to another. Just imagine being able to buy a Digital Fashion asset, taking it to your favorite videogame, putting it on your avatar, then going into Instagram to wearing it yourself for your posts.

Sounds great right? Well, good news is MUSURE world and several others are working hard towards that goal right now. Let us tell you all about it!

The future of Interoperability

An easy way to understand interoperability is to think of it as a bridge that connects one place to another. And, actually “bridge” is a term used for systems, either centralized or decentralized, that allow information to interchange between different blockchains. In this case information can be tokens and the exchange costs a small commission.

These bridges are not the final goal of interoperability, but they’ve been its foundation for a while and a sign of what can be achieved in the future. Many experts say there won’t be a dominant version of the metaverse, as its decentralized nature will nurture an environment of connection and exchange, where users will be able to “migrate from world to world” utilizing its avatars and possessions with minimal effort.

Obstacles to overcome

As mentioned before, interoperability is the key goal to create a connected Metaverse, and it’s no secret we are no completely there yet. There are many obstacles that come in achieving this, all regarding certain aspects of logistics and technology.

Firstly, there are the points of access to the Metaverse. Can we access it from any computer? Any navigator? Any videogame console? To understand the limits of the metaverse, we first need to know where it starts. If my computer is not compatible as an access point, the technology I own will become obsolete.

Other problems can take shape as more specific compatibility issues:

  • Creative Flexibility: Can users make their own designs and creations and take them inside any metaverse world, or are they compelled to use each world’s native creation tools?
  • Avatar Integration: Can users take their Avatars created in any metaverse world and utilize it elsewhere? Can you create a unified avatar identity through the metaverse?
  • Spatial Dimension: Can users interact with the metaverse through a flat screen or just with augmented/virtual reality? Is there interoperability between a screen flat user and a virtual reality one?

All these problems interact with each other, and at the same time exist under the workframe of what the technology can achieve. Usage of the same creation in different spaces of the Metaverse will become the cornerstone for solving all these issues.

Endless possibilities

Digital creations can and are achieving great things, and working towards interoperability will revolutionize everything.

It’s not just being able to move your assets from one place to another, it is the reconstruction of an interconnected digital reality where what you do and what you own constructs your identity.

It’s the incorporation of the digital and physical worlds on levels we’ve only dreamed of, until now. Videogames, social platforms, apps, workspaces, all could be part of the same network that we call Metaverse.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, as all aspects of our lives will be affected one way or another, there are endless possibilities to what can come out of this.

What we’ve built so far

A great example of what’s been achieved regarding all this is Decentraland, an all-encompassing Virtual Reality platform that has made several partnerships with other companies or groups within the Metaverse to incorporate their creations into the world.

So far Decentraland has been a promoter for building bridges between platforms, games and even amazing cryptography objects as a way to improve on interoperability. It’s not perfect though, as to do this you can’t just take an asset you own from somewhere else and use it without any problems, you first need to recreate it within Decentraland.

For us at MUSURE world, interoperability is one of our main concerns. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their creations made with our Creators Toolkit anywhere they want, not just on our platform. Sharing and showing off one’s identity are values we prioritize very highly, that’s why we’re already working to collaborate with other spaces of the Metaverse.

Many new feats are still within our reach. Amazing things are coming and the potential digital creations have is just mesmerizing. What are you waiting for to join us in this adventure?

Until next time!

MUSURE world

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We help Creators and Brands design and sell collectible Creations, playing with their Community in the Metaverse!

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We help Creators and Brands design and sell collectible Creations, playing with their Community in the Metaverse!